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Mantra Japam – Right ways

Mantra Japam – Doing it Right way

Everyone of us chooses some mantras or receive certainly from the gurus, parents, friends etc. We start meditating upon the same and expect various results from it. It can be moksha to specific material gains.

Any mantra be it Namaskara mantra or Bija mantras should be done in a prescribed way as per shastras. Any mantra sidhi contains 4 steps

1. Mantra Japa
2. Deva Tarpana
3. Homam
4. Annadana

Be it any benefit we are looking for one needs to follow these 4 steps.

Homam can be purely optional. In earlier days Ichāgnihotra used to exist & it was practiced daily at homes by the sadhakas by offering clarified butter/Ghee to the Agni by reciting the Japa mantras.This is upto ones willingness to perform, having said everyone can do Ichagnihotra

How should a sadhaka live ?

A sadhaka before having chosen a mantra japa vidhana should practice a lifestyle which is most preferable for the process.

1. Eat less – prefer ekabhukti
2. Talk less – Mitha Bhaashinam
3. Sleep on Floor – Bhu Shayan
4. Trikaran Shudhi practice

Mantra Japas have different hours in a day dedicated for the sadhna. Most of them are preferred to be done in the morning times some even before sunrise. Nitya puja to kuladevata & Simhasan bhagwans is a must followed by japa and tarpanas & homam should be done.

How a mantra Japa is done Ideally?

Mantra japa should start with āchaman, Guru Vandana, then pancha / shodas upachara puja to the Bhagwaan whose mantra is chanted & then start the japa. Japam count per day depends on the sidhi requirement of the mantra.

Avoid talking, moving from the place, giving breaks for other works, leaning to the wall (unless Physically can’t support). Chant the mantra in manomaya I.e only heard to ur self with a lip moment. Use a japa maala with a meru bead. Do not cross Meru bead , which is guru bead.

Reverse your mala again and continue the Japa. Any mantra japa count per day needs to be finished in one shot. Some can be done divided in the morning and evening provided one needs to fast and keep the body accordingly compatible for mantra japa for whole day.

What is Tarpanam?

Tarpanam is 1/10 th count of per day japa calculated and used for offering water oblations to the Bhagwaan to satisfy them(prasannata). These tarpanams are 3 types Deva, Rishi & Pitru. We use Deva tarpanam for our mantra japam. One should not miss this step.

Take water in a copper vessel (not the one used for aachaman) and add sugandhit dravya ( elaichi, pinch of haldi & kumkum, one flower & Edible camphor ) to it. Mix well & keep it aside before starting the japa puja. Eg: 1/10 of 108 = ~11 is used for tarpanam.

Use the mantra ( Eg. Om Namah Shivaya is mantra, then take a spoon full of water into the palm and hold the water and chant Om Namah Shivaya Tarpayami Namaha ) and leave the water into plate through the ring & middle finger tips. So it looks we are offering water to the bhagwan.

Don’t use a stream of water to do this. One has to hold the water in hand while chanting mantra and then pour water after the chant. Strictly. Once finished, take the water 3 times as Teertham( Holy water) while taking it palm shouldn’t touch upper lip( same with aachaman too)

Sprinkle some water on self and then pour the extra water into any flowering plant or green tree. Avoid plants with only thorns(cactus) etc. One gets the full benefits of mantra japam after taking this water as aachaman.

Ichāgnihotra as per your convenience. There is a complete self guide on this website given by @mmpandit Ji and his team clearly on how to perform. All the Devta agnihotra procedures are mentioned here please refer.

Homam Manuals



Homam can be done daily or periodically or in the end of the entire japam after the total count. Any japa should be done for atleast a mandala. Annadana is totally upto your affordability to do it periodically or do it once the sidhi is attained I.e finish the count entirely.

Note : Mantras done for Moksha 24/7 don’t need Tarpana. Just 3 arghyas to the bhagwaan would be enough since the count is not standard 🙏🏼