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Meaning of Pashupati

This blog describes What exactly is meant by the name PashuPati? Who actually are the Pashus? By what rope does the PashuPati binds the Pashu? What is the Concept of PashuPati?

How do I find the right Guru?

The traditions of Sanatana Hindu Dharma is very specific on the definition of Sanskrit terms like Guru, Sadguru and Avatar etc. In this article we discussed how to find the right Guru.

Vishnu Bhagwaan on sheshnaga

All about Ekadashi

This article is dedicated to answer various questions related to Ekadashi Tithi and Ekadashi Vratam. This article will keep updating based on the need of new information.

Survival of Hinduism

Did Hinduism really survive the proselytization efforts of Islam and Christianity? The content in the above question seems to be seeing the glass half full.